The Other Museum

What is “The Other Museum from Oldtimer to Lace”

General information

Welcome to the website for “The Other Museum from Oldtimer to Lace”. The museum is placed into an old warehouse (built in the 19 th century) with a gable that reads “Koophandel” (loosely translates as trade). Attached to the warehouse is a normal house built in 1872. The house was built for the Dutch trader Hajonides van der Meulen. Another gable tells us that the first stone was placed by his son on the 11 th of march 1872.

The building owes its name to a cooperation of local skippers. They were called “Buurtschippers Koophandel”, operating from the Northern part of Friesland they used this warehouse for storage. After this cooperation sold the building it has changed ownership multiple times. The museum started as a private collection. The two owners have turned the museum into a resting place for their collections, now available to the public. If possible they will gladly welcome you themselves and give you a guided tour through the museum.



The main collections are:

  • The textile collection has lace from the 17 th century and onward. Apart from that the museum boasts a unique collection of lace pillows from all over Europe. Finally we have a collection of antique staplers and sowing tools.
  • The old-timers collection mostly consists of pre-war cars, the post war cars are used for rallies and other tours.
  • Model trains. Above the old-timers you will notice two model train tracks. These spectacular trains come with historically accurate sounds.
  • Photography, radio and Meccano collections. These collections will show you how photography, radios and Meccano developed throughout the last hundred years.